Why people love it
  • Budget-friendly, automatic espresso maker
  • Easy to use and pre-heats quickly
  • Very compact

Producing good espresso and even better cappuccino, this is a great machine for anyone who wants a quick and convenient way to brew their morning cup o’ joe.

Nespresso’s machines only work with their own cups, and this particular model also only makes a handful of drink types. So while this doesn’t appear to be an issue for most reviewers, it will most likely be a deal breaker for serious espresso drinkers looking for an affordable espresso maker.


Price: Digital Trends picked this as one of the best budget-friendly espresso machines on the market. Beware the label of “espresso maker” though. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly machine that will produce authentic-tasting espresso, you’ll have to pay more for it.

Ease of Use: In general, this is a very easy to use espresso machine. Insert the cup of your choice, turn the machine on, wait half a minute for it to heat up (which is far quicker than you’ll find with most other machines), and press start.

Quality of Espresso: Because this is a Nespresso, the brand is very well-known as an “espresso machine” (thanks in part to George Clooney). And while reviewers rave about the great espresso results, anyone looking for an authentic shot probably won’t find it here—especially since you can only make your drinks from the pre-ground Nespresso cups and settings. Set your expectations accordingly.

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