Nespresso Aeroccino Electric Milk Frother

Best Milk Frother to Splurge On

Why people love it
  • Super easy to use
  • Amazing operation
  • Surprisingly easy cleaning

Besides the price tag on this countertop appliance, there are some users that don’t find value in it.


Before you click on the Amazon link and panic a little when you see the words discontinued, let us put your mind at ease. There are three different Nespresso milk frother options available on the same link. The older, discontinued model is on there – at an amazing price that will make you want to snap it up immediately. But, you should take a look at the black one or the chrome one if you’re looking for a “continued” model.

All three of these share some impressive stats – they do their frothing thing in a little more than a minute. And, they all heat the milk quickly. Let’s face it; they are all rather sexy looking too. But, the model you choose may have more to do with your budget and your needs than appearance.

We’re big fans of the one-button operation on the white and black models, but the chrome version – which is the newest and most expensive – has a couple of operating buttons and has a dishwasher safe carafe. The latter feature is a big plus when you look at competing automatic milk frothers; the former is really a matter of preference.

What we can tell you about all three is that they carry an amazing and world-recognized name. They’re part of gift sets that come with Nespresso coffee makers which should tell you that they are worth it. If only they were a little cheaper, we would give them more points.

Operation: Automatic

Powered by: Mains operated

Duration: It takes about 70 seconds for hot or cold froth. That’s really not bad at all.

Capacity: The froth capacity is 4.1 ounces. If you’re merely looking for hot milk, you can get 8.1 ounces inside.

Material: Stainless steel

Cleaning: As you would expect, this is a hand wash item. You’ll clean the jug by rinsing and wiping it with a cloth or sponge.

Cost: It’s going to cost you nearly $100 for this Nespresso milk frother. If it was a little less expensive we’d move it a little higher on the list. Sadly, it seems you can’t have everything in one product.

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