Why people love it
  • Fire faster and one-handed
  • This Nerf gun NEVER jams
  • Beautifully easy to reload and fire

Classic thumb-cocking action, good accuracy, above-average range, comfortable grip, flip-out barrel makes for easy reloading, and very durable. With mods, you can upgrade it to a six-cylinder with tigher diameter for better firing, makes it compatible with shorter darts, and even allows for double firing.

Only fires five shots before neededing to be reloaded.


Performance: For dual-wielders, this is the Nerf gun of your dreams! The thumb-cocking mechanism allows you to fire one-handed, and you can keep up a steady stream of darts to pin your opponents down. Five shots per barrel may not be a lot, but the fact that you can use two at a time gives you better firepower than a typical six-shooter.

You'll easily shoot 90 feet with this gun, and it's wonderfully accurate. The design isn't quite ergonomic, but the grip is comfortable to hold.

The great thing about the Hammershot is that it can be modded. You can find kits online that allow you to upgrade it to a six-cylinder gun, with a narrower-diameter chamber that ensures minimum air loss with each shot. The air-restricted chambers shoot the darts farther, reduce the need to ram the darts into place, and allow you to shoot shorter darts. They can even double-shoot two short darts in the same chamber for double the firepower (though with reduced range).

Features: The flip-out barrel may only hold five shots, but it's easy to reload in the middle of a Nerf fight. The thumb-cocking mechanism is smoothly operated, and can fit smaller hands. The gun feels solid in your hands.

The only downside (aside from limited ammo) is the fact that it doesn't come with rails to include add-ons. There's no way to expand this gun, so what you see is what you get.

Price: At just over $10, this is a gun worth every penny! Buy two of them, and you'll be the gunslinger who turns the lawless wastes of your house or office into an orderly society ruled by you.

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