Best Nerf Rapid Fire Gun

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster
  • A highly accurate sidearm with surprising power
  • Feels solid and durable; heavy duty gun compared to average blasters
  • Beautifully easy to reload; satisfying thunk when you flip the barrels

Shoots 12 darts without reloading and fires at a rapid rate. Easy to switch between cylinders, good power, accuracy on par with the best Nerf guns, and no need for clip reloading.

Larger and heavier than most blasters; occasionally misfires.


Performance: If you want a blaster that gives you a real chance at winning the Nerf war, this 12-shooter is the one for you. It packs a good punch and has a range on par with the best rifles and blasters. You also get excellent accuracy despite the high rate of fire. It weighs a bit more than your average Nerf blaster pistol, but it has a solid, durable feel in your hand. Best of all, there's no need to use batteries, so you get all the power with few of the drawbacks of a motor-powered Nerf gun.

Features: The gun comes with two six-dart barrels. It's easy to switch barrels when one is empty, and the barrels flip out for easy reloading. Smaller children may have a hard time pulling back the cocking mechanism, so it's definitely a gun built for older kids and adults.

The gun looks very cool and intimidating with its extra-large front end. It's not easy to carry around (doesn't fit in a holster), but it's the gun you want for maximum firepower.

Price: $15 is a very good price to pay for this gorgeous piece of hardware. You get more ammunition, better durability, and a higher rate of fire than your average blaster, all at the same price.


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