Why people love it
  • Perfect for anyone who needs A LOT of ammunition without reloading
  • Slick pump action shotgun
  • Good accuracy and rapid fire

Fires 24 darts without needing to be reloaded; easy to switch between dart barrels; features classic pump action, high velocity, decent accuracy, and relentless fire.

Gun is known to jam when rotating barrels.


Performance: If you're looking for a gun to give you an edge in your Nerf wars, this pump-action shotgun is totally the weapon of choice!

The gun holds 24 darts in four six-dart barrels. The gun has decent accuracy and range, but it's the extra ammunition that makes this bad boy the weapon of choice. Plus, you'll feel like an action star as you hear the click of the shotgun cocking and firing.

Features: The shotgun comes with a trigger you can use to flip between the barrels quickly for a rapid stream of fire. The trigger takes a bit of getting used to and is known to jam, but with practice you can learn how to make the smooth change between barrels. The pump action is smooth and easy for younger kids (8-10) to use.

Price: At just under $30, this is one of the pricier Nerf guns on our list. However, it's totally worth it for anyone who needs extra ammunition and a steady rate of fire for your Nerf war.

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