Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion

Longest Range Nerf Gun

Why people love it
  • Longer range than any other Nerf gun
  • Makes you feel like a sniper
  • Packs a punch; can hurt when shot from up close

Excellent power and range; decent accuracy; looks cool and feels solid; comes with kickstand; Whistler darts scream as they fly; and good rifle sounds when loading and firing.

Misfires common; clip tends to jam.


Performance: For those who want a long-range Nerf gun, this is your best choice. It has a longer range (100 feet) than any other Nerf gun and a surprising amount of power. You don't even have to arc your shots within a 50-foot range. It's ideal for anyone who wants to camp out and snipe at their opponents.

The gun has a tendency to jam and misfire, especially when using the clip. However, if you manually load the gun (like a bolt action rifle), you avoid the problems. You'll get those straight, powerful shots with a much lower risk of misfiring.   

Features: The gun comes with a kickstand, but it's just as useful without the stand. You'll get that solid click when you chamber a round, and the rifle has a pleasant kickback when you fire it. The extra weight of the gun makes it feel solid and durable in your hands. Plus, it looks awesome! And who doesn't love that?

Price: $70 is a high price to pay for a Nerf gun, especially one you can only use at long range (thanks to its slow loading action). However, for Nerf snipers, it's the weapon of choice.

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