Why people love it
  • Excellent power and accuracy
  • Perfect gun for kids: durable and easy to operate
  • The Nerf gun everyone should own

Rapid fire and easy to load. Works with most Nerf darts and features a good range. Inexpensive, good-looking blaster, with a solid trigger and grip. And as an added bonus, the barrel flips out for quick loading.

Be prepared to reload after six shots.


Performance: If you're looking for a quick-fire Nerf gun for an all-out family war, this is exactly what you want. It's an inexpensive blaster that has surprisingly good range (90 feet) and accuracy, with enough power to actually sting if you shoot from close up. You can use most Nerf blasters (darts) with the gun—both newer and older-style—so you've got no end of ammunition to choose from.

What makes this gun so great is the fact that it's easy to reload. While it's a six-shooter, the barrel pops out for quick reloading. It's the blaster to give you an edge against your Nerf-carrying enemies!

Features: The Slam Fire slide cocks the gun once but gives you six rapid-fire shots. The flip-out barrel makes it wonderfully easy and quick to reload, and you can upgrade it using the Tactical Rail accessory for even more accuracy. It's a simple gun that gets the job done!

Price: At less than $10, this is the Nerf gun you'll want as your sidearm in an all-out war, but it offers the range and accuracy of a larger gun. Definitely the gun for a true Nerf warrior.

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