Why people love it
  • 10-dart banana clip + extra clip storage in the gun stock
  • Shoots extremely well; accurate and powerful
  • Compatible with other Nerf blaster clips

Requires AA batteries to shoot; has a tendency to jam.


Performance: This is the Nerf gun you want for maximum power! The built-in motor shoots your darts at a wicked 50+ MPH. The motor shoots the darts on auto-fire, so it will empty the 10-dart clip in a matter of seconds. However, the accuracy of this gun is on par with the best Nerf blasters and rifles, and you get a whole lot of power. It's definitely the weapon you want in your hand when taking on an army of undersized combatants (your kids) or for a full-on office Nerf war.

Features: The accompanying banana clip may only hold 10 darts, but the gun is compatible with the majority of Nerf blaster clips. You can swap it out for a larger (20-30 dart) clip if you need more ammunition.

The gun has a motor that gives it more power, but it only works if there is juice in the AA batteries. And, you'll go through the batteries pretty quickly—totally worth it for the high velocity of the gun!

The stock has space to store an extra ammunition clip. It's easy to swap clips, so you get excellent ammo capacity with this bad boy.

Price: $35 is a high price to pay for a toy gun. However, when you think about the accuracy, the rapid rate of fire, the above-average power, and the high ammunition capacity, you'll realize that this gun is a good purchase.

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