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Nerf A1690 N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster
  • Perfect for surprise warfare; easily concealed in your hand
  • Packs a punch despite its small size
  • Accuracy on par with the larger Nerf guns
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Can fit in any pocket, making a great back-up gun. It also has a surprisingly good range, is quick firing, features excellent accuracy, doesn't jam, and is super cheap.

Only holds three darts, and the darts left in the chamber don't always fire properly.


Performance: If you're looking for a back-up gun to have in case of full-on Nerf warfare, this cheap, compact pistol is just what you need. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in any pocket. Despite its small size, it's a very accurate gun and packs a punch. However, multiple users have complained that the darts HURT when they hit.

The 75-foot range is on par with larger Nerf guns, and the gun is durable and well-built. It makes a great secondary weapon if you need something easy to hide.

Features: The gun has three barrels, and it's designed to fire all three darts in quick succession. Reloading can take a few seconds, but not as long as reloading a barrel. However, some people have noticed that leaving darts in the chamber for too long before shooting causes the darts to flop out, rather than being fired across the room. So it's better to reload just before you shoot.

The cocking handle is easy for even small kids to pull back, and the gun is lightweight enough for young warriors. A great option for family Nerf warfare!

Price: At $5.75, this is a beautifully cheap Nerf gun. But don't think you're losing quality for the low price: this gun packs an unexpected punch!


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