Nerds Two-Flavor Box

Best Halloween Costume for BFFs

Why People Love it

  • Unique Halloween costume idea
  • Fun way to keep the Halloween (candy!) spirit alive
  • Comfortable to wear


Comfort: Compared to most Halloween costumes, this one should be nice and lightweight and comfortable. No mask to make you sweat, no itchy fabrics to irritate your skin. Just make sure your fellow Nerd is someone you don’t mind spending hours being attached to.

Longevity: Will Nerds candy ever go out of fashion? We don’t think so. You should be able to wear this costume for years to come!

Price: Considering this is a two-fer, this is a really great price for a Halloween costume.

We originally saw this idea on the Good Housekeeping site and thought it was such a fun and unique Halloween costume idea for two people. The one problem you could run into wearing this with a significant other is the size difference, however, which is why we think this would be best for BFFs.

The only problem we see is that you might get too hot being nudged up against your friend all night. (But what’s a little sweat between besties?)

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