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Why people love it
  • Biggest selection of colors
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Fits any style

I wouldn't go with the matte grey frames. Several reviewers had issues with the paint bubbling and flaking off, but every other color seems to hold up well. 


Lenses: Basic, acrylic lenses with 100% UV ray block. Most come fitted with standard dark grey lenses but some styles have different lens options. 

Frame: These sunglasses are made of plastic in a huge selection of colors and prints. 

Design: The Wayfarer shape never gets old. It goes with anything and looks great on anyone so these are a good go-to if you aren't sure which style of sunglasses looks best on you. They have a color and print for any personality. 

Durability: These are cheap sunglasses so you can't expect them to be as strong as Oakleys, but they do hold up surprisingly well for what you'll spend on them. (Minus the matte grey color as mentioned earlier.)

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