Neff Brodie Sunglasses

Best Vintage/Retro Men's Sunglasses

Why people love it
  • You'll be the life of the party
  • Boost your confidence
  • Demand attention

The only complaints we found about these are they can be too narrow for wider face shapes. 


Lenses: Brodies have impact resistant polycarbonate lenses in a funky wraparound style that also gives you added peripheral protection from UVs . They also come in a big selection of colors and all of them block 100% of all UV rays.

Frame: Basic plastic frames in 11 colors.

Design: Lightning bolt shaped ear pieces and bold colors, these frames come in any color you could want. They are in your face, over the top, and tell the world you are a fun confident guy that doesn't suppress your wild side. 

Durability: These glasses are pretty sturdy and come with a durable protective case, but we doubt once you put these on you'll ever want to take them off. 

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