Needle Design Abstract Movie Poster

Best Gift for Classic Movie Buffs

Why people love it
  • Abstract art that the true movie connoisseur will love
  • Posters available for a wide range of classic films and genres
  • Cool-looking art that’s meant to impress

Abstract designs, bold yet minimal designs, and headshots abound. Matt Needle (the artist) has made some really cool-looking posters that your movie fan is sure to love.

As far as we can tell, there are a small number of each print available, so the one you want may not be available for purchase if you wait too long.


Longevity: Many of the movie posters here come from the classics (The Fly, Vertigo, and Chinatown, to name a few). Classics never go out of fashion.

Meaningfulness: These minimalistic, funky designs will make a great addition to a movie lovers’ home.

Price: A little pricey for each poster, but these are more like custom, abstract pieces of artwork than posters.

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