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Nectar Sleep Mattress
  • Great solution if you overheat easily at night
  • Guaranteed to improve the quality in your sleep and has a lifetime warranty to back it up
  • Solidly constructed
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Nervous about buying a top-of-the-line memory foam mattress? Nectar Sleep’s mattress not only comes with a lifetime warranty, but also allows customers to try it out for a whole year risk-free. But with its solid construction and awesome cooling properties, you shouldn’t have to worry about resorting to that.

We didn’t see any major complaints or issues reported with the Nectar.


Temperature: This is where the Nectar Sleep mattress really shines. With a tencel cooling cover, gel memory foam, and breathable base, overheating in the middle of the night will no longer be a problem.

Smell: No one’s reported any issues with this.

Support: Customers love the quality of sleep they get with the Nectar Sleep, thanks to the multiple layers of foam that create a comfortable and supportive place to sleep.

Longevity: The 365-day risk-free trial period is fantastic. If you run into any issues and want to return it, Nectar Sleep will come pick it up for you for free. If that’s not enough to sell you on this, Nectar Sleep also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Price: Looking to buy a comfortable and cooling memory foam mattress without breaking the bank? This is one of the most affordable guarantees out there.


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