Nebo Big Larry Magnum COB LED Flashlight

Brightest LED Flashlight for Hands-Free Use

Why people love it
  • Magnetic worklight
  • Really bright and will light up a big work area
  • Well-made, durable tool
  • Some customers have had problems with loose connections
  • Ocassional reports of light shutting off and on at random times but rare

Purpose: While this can be used as a regular flashlight (especially if you want to use the emergency red “flare” setting on the road), this is really meant to be a worklight. The magnetic bottom turns this into a super handy, hands-free flashlight. The anodized aluminum body makes it super durable, and the recessed LED housing will protect the bulk from damage or impact. 

Performance: There are a variety of settings on this one, so play around with the different low and high beams to see which one works best for you. And don’t forget about the magnetic bottom, which keeps it stable and upright on metallic surfaces. The COB LED technology generates up to 400 lumens, with a secondary 160-lumen low light. It's an awesome work light, emergency light, or back-up camping light. 

Price: The price of this flashlight is standard for well-made, mid-grade LED flashlights.

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