Neato is giving Roomba a run for its money. This model is a little older, but fits into a comfortable price range for all its features.

  • Scans and systematically cleans your home
  • Knows where it’s been and where it’s going
  • Super strong suction

The Neato robotic vacuum has the most advanced laser guided navigation system on any vacuum today. The software on the vacuum can be upgraded as soon as any new features are introduced, giving you the best bang for your buck.  That's about the one thing that can make cleaning hot.

Scheduling daily cleanings is a breeze with the Neato control center. Dust and allergens are also sucked up thanks to it's high-performance filters it comes equipped with. The robot creates a map of the areas to be cleaned and is constantly adjusting to any obstacles that might be in its path. Strong suction with the odd shape make for an almost perfect pairing. And, you know, for the price, you really should think about this one a little harder.

What Reviewers Say:

There are some seriously good reviews for this product. Here are just a few:

  • This is my first robo-vac and I'm so glad I chose this brand. The suction is amazing, much more than I expected. It goes around the entire room and does a fantastic job.
  • If you are considering a robot vaccum, then look no further then the Neato. I did a lot of research (including talking to several friends that own the Roomba vacuum, and Neato seemed to come out on top. Now that I have been using it, it's better then I expected from the reviews. Suction is fantastic. Navigation is smart (I have a 2,000sq ft home). It has no problem navigating between rooms... Would give this 6 stars if I could.
  • This little guy is great. Very smart, it configures the room and then starts cleaning in rows, like mowing, and gingerly avoiding objects (except my feet, it loves to ram them, not kidding...weird little guy, lol). It also knows when it's going to another part of the house or another room. It will back out of there and finish cleaning the room were it came from. Then it will move on to the next area, very smart, love it! When the battery is low (about 20 minutes, strange for I thought it was suppose to be longer) it goes back to its base (moving around objects and corners). After it charges itself up it goes back were it left off and continues. Awesome. :) I had a iRobot 500 series and that was better made, but really dumb. It would just go everywhere and bump into the walls (scuffing them up). It took 45 minutes to clean my room, we're the Neato took 15 mins. Also, the iRobot would not move up onto my heavy dense long cut wool throw rug. The Neato jumped up on it and cleaned it...good little guy.

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