This is one super powerful robot vacuum. Not only does it pick up the most pet hair of any model, it's got sweet laser mapping technology.

  • Smart mapping and navigation system means your vacuum cleans rather than bumps
  • Potent suction and precision brushes leave floors immaculately clean
  • If it needs more power, it gets it and then resumes where it left off

The latest Neato model has both a spiral blade brush and a combo brush. That means it works great on all floors and picks up all kinds of hair (yours as well as the cats). This combination makes for a super quiet vacuum. Plus, it's got this Advanced SpinFlow Power Clean system picks up more dirt and debris than you can imagine. The clever shape of vacuum also allows it to get to the spaces where dirt really hides. 

But, the coolest feature of this Neato is the laser mapping. It examines the room and determines the best way to clean it. And, if it doesn't have enough juice to finish the job, it charges and picks up where it left off. How cool is that?

What Reviewers Say:

With 4.6 out of 5 stars, you would expect all the accolades this gadget gets. Here's what Amazon reviewers have to say:

  • It will serve me perfectly and I was amazed how much dirt/dog hair it found after I vacuumed earlier with a high powered vacuum. I have all hard wood floors, mostly bamboo, and it did an amazing job. The directions did mention it may have problems on black or dark shiny surfaces. There's dark cherry wood in two rooms and it cleaned them. I was impressed how it got itself out of tight spots. I did tie up floor drapes, extension cords and loose rugs. It cleaned my heavy wool, fringed throw rugs without any problem with the fringe.
  • Recently moved into a new apartment and decided it was time to hire a maid. This is the closest I could get. I saw the great reviews for the other Neato Vacuums. So even though this was a preorder without any reviews I wanted to give it a chance. This is my first robotic vacuum but my mother owns a Roomba. I was never impressed with its bump and rotate cleaning pattern thought it was inefficient. Im still unpacking and there are boxes and furniture in odd spots but I wanted to try this out right away. It was able to guide along the wall and boxes and dance around table legs. Great on the hard wood and had no trouble going from tile to rug in the bathroom. Cleaned everywhere it could reach and quickly too. With 2 fairly large rooms and a bathroom it took less then 1 hr. I have 3 cats so fur and litter get tracked everywhere, but the Neato has no problem getting it all including clothing tags that got lost under the bed. The bin is large enough that im sure it could easily go a week without emptying it. bin is easy to empty and put back. Using the digital screen you can program a different time for each day of the week or just hit the clean button to use when you want. I haven't tried the spot cleaning feature. Though I have only had it 3 days I have enjoyed it so much Ive use it twice a day mostly to watch my cats reaction to it. My Neato now named Rosie is not only helpful at keeping clean but entertaining too.
  • Wow. This thing is great. We set it loose on the upstairs floor and it filled its dirt cup on the first pass through, even after I had vacuumed a few days before. It didn't have any issue navigating the area and didn't struggle with the black carpet in my son's room. It also didn't bump into everything and did well cleaning under the furniture. It's my first robot-vac and I am impressed.

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