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The dual display screens are on the small side. And, there have been reports of inaccurate readouts on them.


If you have up to $1,000 to spend on a home treadmill, you must consider this one. If, however, you can only find this for the MSRP of $1,800, it might not stay at the top of your list. It does a lot of things well, but in the higher price range, there are other treadmills that do it better. That said, you’ll get a lot of machine for under $900.

We love, love, love the huge number of programs and the ability to track data for 4 different users. Combine that with the ability to upload and manage progress on Nautilus Connect, Nautilus Trainer App, or MyFitnessPal. You’ll need to do that through the USB port, but that’s not the end of the world. The StrikeZone Cushioning System makes for a smooth, comfortable, and quiet run.

You can also take advantage of the heart rate monitors in the grips or the included chest band. The DualTrack Display shows you as many as 13 workout details, though the LCD screens are small. And, a 3-speed adjustable fan will keep you cool as you work.

Along with the reading rack and water bottle holders, the USB port will charge your devices while you workout, which is rather useful. And, there is an MP3 port and large speakers.

But, the best feature is the SoftDrop folding design that actually makes this easy to fold up and down as needed. There are somewhat better folding operations, but this one also has wheels and isn’t so heavy that you can’t move it out of the way on your own (though you may need someone to help you set it up).

Is there a wide workout variety? The programs include: 1 manual program, 3 quick goal programs (for those who have very limited time on their hands), 6 training programs for the avid runners, 5 weight control programs, 4 heart health programs, 3 interval programs, and 4 programs you can custom set.

How fast can you make it go? Up to 12 mph. That’s impressive given the price you will pay (not the MSRP).

How much incline can you get? Incline ranges between 0-15%. That’s better than you might expect for the price.

Are there any safety features? There’s the stop button that you would expect, but not much more in the way of safety.

Maximum weight? 300 pounds, which is pretty average.

Track size? 60” L x 20” W. That’s very good for a model under $1,000.

Dimensions? Assembled dimensions: 57.6” H x 77.2” L x 35.2” W.

What type of motor does it have? 3.0 CHP motor.

Is there a warranty? 10 year warranty on the frame and drive motor, 2 year warranty on the electric parts, and 1 year warranty on labor.

Will it break the bank? We wouldn’t recommend picking this up for the MSRP of $1,800. There are better models available within that price range. But, if you can snag it for under $900, it’s a total steal.

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