Nautica Women's Cotton Terry Robe

Best gift for the homebody

Why people love it
  • Machine washable
  • Two large pockets make it easy to carry around necessities 
  • Perfect, knee length

The Nautica cotton terry robe is a cozy, classic for sleeping or lounging around the house.

100% cotton so don't stick this robe in the wash unless you want it to shrink!


Why she'll love it: If she loves getting cozy and spending her weekends at home, this is the perfect Christmas gift for her. Not only will she love how soft this robe is, but she'll also love the large pockets perfect for stashing her phone. And, there are three beautiful colors to choose from including jupiter pink, peacoat navy, and vanilla.

Price: At $50, this is an amazing Christmas present for the lady in your life. Although this isn't the cheapest robe out there, it's guaranteed to be loved and worn often! 

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