NatureBox - The Full Spread, 20 snack box

Best Gift for the Graduate Who Needs Healthy Living Inspiration

Why people love it

  • Great introduction to healthy snacking 
  • Comes with a mix of sweet, savory, and spicy 
  • Can give a single gift box or buy them a subscription


Well if they don’t eat it then it’s money wasted, but that's really the only downfall we could think of.


Happiness Factor: NatureBox doesn’t just contain stereotypically “healthy” snacks like dried fruit chips or granola. They also come with cookies. COOKIES. Who doesn’t love cookies???

Practical Applications: It’s food. Unless your gift recipient is entirely resistant to the idea of eating healthy, this is going to get used. 

Price: For the 20-snack gift box, the price is a little much, though it may be worth it if it helps teach your grad about healthier lifestyle chocies.

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