Why people love it
  • Heals chapped lips fast
  • SPF for added protection from the sun, heat, and dryness
  • Cooling sensation feels great without being overpowering

Chapstick brand is synonymous with lip balm, so we’d be remiss in our duties to leave them off this list. This particular lip balm is much loved by customers for its hydration and SPF protective powers, but is so hard to find in drugstores now a days so it was a pleasant surprise to find it online.

Be careful about ordering this from Amazon. You’ll want to make sure it comes from Chapstick and no third-party providers.


Hydration: This lip balm will not only make your lips feel better as they heal and soften, but the cooling sensation feels pretty rad, too. 

Texture: If you want a lip balm that will go on smooth and easy, look no further.

Convenience: Chapstick knows what they’re doing with their packaging, and this one is no different. Carry it with you everywhere.

Price: Price is not a problem with these, especially if you get the 12-pack on Amazon.

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