Natori Women's Performance Sport

Best Low Impact Sports Bra

Why people love it
  • Great low impact sports bra
  • Comfortable amount of compression
  • Light-feeling fabric made with Coolmax polyester

Because there is no padding, there’s quite a bit of nipple show-through when things get cold. 


Size: Comes in sizes B through DD, but is probably best for the smaller end of the spectrum.

Performance: This is strictly low impact. Do not use this if you’re planning to do any cycling, running, boxing, etc.

Comfort: This bra is incredibly comfortable, not just because of the soft and thin fabric lining, but because of the Coolmax polyester.

Support: While customers do claim that this bra is supportive and provides a good amount of compression, it isn’t supportive enough to do any sort of strenuous activity in.

Price: Some reviewers think the price is too high on this bra, but you get what you pay for when you buy Natori. 

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