Why people love it
  • Holds everything comfortably into place 
  • Provides full coverage without squashing or pinching 
  • Memory foam cups are incredibly soft

Looking for a bra that won’t let you down? The Natori Element is the best of the best in all areas: comfort, support, fit, coverage, and more. And it also happens to play nicely with breasts of most shapes and sizes.

There just aren’t enough colors available. Right now, there is only cafe and black.


Size: Anything up to DDDD.

Support: The memory foam cups do a fantastic job of providing your breasts with a snug fit while also giving your silhouette a beautiful shape beneath clothes. Customers also love how well-made the straps are so you never have to worry about sliding or pinching. 

Comfort: With the perfect amount of padding, supportive straps, and cups that keep the girls standing at attention while also kicking back in comfort, you’re not going to find a bra that feels any better. 

Price: We almost feel like this is a bargain for what you get.

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