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  • Turn your lighting into a work of art with these lighting panels
  • 16.7 million colors and shades to choose from
  • Mount these lights without the need for fixtures

These aren't your typical light bulbs—they're triangle-shaped lights designed to be stuck to your wall or ceiling to create unique lighting fixtures. They're absolutely gorgeous and 100% different from everything else on the market.

The connection is frustratingly unreliable, and the lights are incompatible with Android smartphones.


If you want a lighting system like no other, you must get yourself the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit! The triangle-shaped lights come in a pack of 9 panels, which are designed to be mounted to the wall using double-sided sticky pads. Their unique shape allows you to customize your light setup, and you can form whatever shapes or patterns you like.

What systems does it connect to? These light bulbs are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, and Apple Home Kit, and responds to voice commands for Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

How does it connect? The bulbs connect via WiFi to the Nanoleaf app on your smartphone. Sadly, the connection can be a bit spotty and unreliable, even if your home WiFi is problem-free. However, you can connect up to 30 panels at a time.

What colors are available? These lighting panels come with 16.7 million colors to choose from. The white light can be adjusted from bright daylight to the soft glow of sunset or sunrise. Plus, each panel can have its own color, so you get a broad range of colors from the same lighting source. It's great for ambience lighting-- the most versatile AND the most unique!

Lumens? At its brightest, the lights put out 900 lumens. That's definitely better than average.

Watts or watts equivalent? The lights use about 2 watts per panel, so it can consume up to 60 watts with 30 light panels.

How long should a light bulb last? Expect to get at least 20,000 hours of light from these LED light panels.

Cost for an individual bulb or fitting? This is where the Nanoleaf light panels fall a bit short. The entire set (9 panels + the Rhythm add-on module) will run you $230, and the full 30 panels will go up to around $550. That's roughly $18-$25 per panel, and you have to use a few of them at a time for decent lighting.

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