Why people love it
  • Nearly indestructable
  • Holds 32 ounces of water and keeps you hydrated throughout the day
  • The wide mouth makes cleaning it easy

Convenient wide-mouth design in a large 32-ounce size. The wide mouth makes adding ice cubes easy. Made from Tritan copolyester so it's super tough.

This bottle is a bit bulky and won't fit in most cupholders. 


Details: There’s a reason why Nalgene hasn’t changed its design in decades—because it works (extremely well). The biggest appeal is the wide mouth feature making it easy to add ice cubes, and the twist off feature makes the bottle easy to clean.

As an added bonus, the loop cap makes this bottle easy and convenient to carry. Plus, you don't have to worry about losing your cap. 

Durability: Durability is the category in which the Nalgene Tritan really shines. Nalgene is known for creating long-lasting, durable products from heavy duty, BPA-free Tritan plastic.

This USA-made bottle also comes phthalate-free. The best part is, it's dishwasher safe on the top rack so you don't have to spend the time hand washing it. 

Color: The most impressive part of this water bottle is that it comes in over 70 colors! Our favorites include: clear, seafoam, and blue. You can even choose from a variety of glow-in-the-dark options. 

Size: This bottle comes in one size, and one size only -32 ounces. We think this is the perfect amount to get you through the day without much refilling. 

Price: The price of the Nalgene Tritan all depends on the color you choose. Each color has a different price but most of them average around $10. 

You can't really beat that for a nearly indestructable water bottle. Plus, it includes Amazon Prime two-day free shipping. 

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