Nakii Long-Lasting Water Filter

Longest Lasting Filtration Pitcher

Why people love it
  • A highly efficient, long-lasting filtration system
  • Sleek, stylish, and compact enough to fit in any fridge
  • Very good quality; Japanese-made product

Small pitcher size.


Pitcher Size: This is one of the smallest pitchers on our list, capable of holding just 7 ½ cups (1.8 liters) of water. However, despite its small size, it delivers filtered water much faster than with other similar pitchers. In just one minute, you have 1.3 liters of water ready to drink!

Filtration: The filtration system uses Activated Carbon Fiber to eliminate contaminants, and it's capable of removing 97% of chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, mercury, rust, and suspended particles. It will also improve the taste, smell, and color of the water. If you want only crisp, clean water, give this pitcher a try!

The filtration system lasts for up to 150 gallons of water, or 567 liters. That means more than 300 uses before you need to change out the filter.

Other Features: The spout is designed to reduce messes, so you'll never have to worry about spills again. The easy-fill lid makes it easy for you to refill the pitcher without having to remove the cover, so it's a no-fuss choice for maximum convenience.

Price: At $27, this is on the cheaper side of the scale, making it a great option for those who want to save money while still drinking filtered water.

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