Best Hair Removal Cream for Coarse Hair

Nad's Hair Removal Creme For Men
  • No burning sensation; doesn't irritate skin
  • Leaves skin smooth
  • Works efficiently

This men's hair removal cream is extra strength and specially formulated for guys with coarse body hair.

You'll want to take another shower as the smell of this product isn't wonderful at all. 


If you battle with super coarse chest or back hair, this is the cream you want to use. It's almost a bonus that this hair removal cream for men could work in as little as four minutes. But, let's face it - thick hair generally needs a little more time than that. You shouldn't leave it on for longer than ten minutes, though. And, you won't want to, because it's not terribly pleasant smelling. Still, it gets the job done. (Of course, you will need to get over the name Nad's first.)

Ingredients: As with any best hair removal cream for men (or women) this one contains Potassium Thioglycolate. It also contains a fair amount of aloe vera which is always a good thing. 

How to use it: This is an awesome product that applies relatively easily and works wonderfully quickly. Use your hand to smooth it onto dry skin. You want to cover the hair with a thick, even layer. After four minutes (yes, four), remove a small amount with a tissue to see if it has done its job yet. After ten minutes, wipe away all the cream, then rinse the entire area well. Dry and go!

Who can use it? Again, this is a hair removal cream for men, but there's nothing stopping ladies from using it. 

Where can you use it? This is another one that should not be used on your genitals or face. Really, we can't warn you enough about that. 

Scent: It's about as strong and powerful as you can get. And, we're a little sad about that since we love everything else about this product.

Will it break the bank? The bottle itself is less than $10, but it doesn't last as long as we would like. That said, it does work out to a little less than $1.25 per fluid ounce, which makes it a strong contender. 


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