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Why people love it
  • Configure it with smartphone or tablet
  • Plays any sound or music of your choice
  • Large touchscreen with intercom

The MyBells doorbell is controlled via Smartphone, allows you to program sound schedules right into the doorbell, and even take pictures of visitors. 

The $80 product does not include a video doorphone option. 



Features: The MyBells doorbell promises a lot of really exciting features. Just wait until you see what they are. The doorbell is controlled via your Smartphone, allowing you to see who's at the front door, set periods of time when you want the doorbell to be silent, and even take a picture of your visitors.

Performance: Thanks to Kickstarter, this doorbell (called "the first smart bell in the world") is now a reality! It promises to play the ringing music at just the right volume - not too loud when you're trying to sleep, yet loud enough to be heard over the TV or video games. It offers both Radio Frequency and Wireless connectivity, making it as easy to connect as possible.

Price: For all of the features this doorbell includes, $80 is a total steal!

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