My Little Pony Fash'Ems Series 3 Blind Pack Capsule

Best Budget-Friendly Gift for a Girl

Why people love it
  • Soft and squishy
  • Compact size
  • Fun surprise

Compact size means these squishy toys won’t take up too much space in the toy box or closet. Affordable price.

Because these are surprise capsules, your My Little Pony fan might end up with duplicates. However, she can probably trade them with her friends since Fash’Ems are pretty popular.


Why she’s gotta have it: Unless you’re a shopping ninja, your little one has probably seen these near the checkout lanes and begged you to buy them. If she’s ever requested Fash’Ems, Smash’Ems, Mash’Ems, or squishy character toys, she’ll love these My Little Pony surprise capsules.

Each toy is a small pony that’s squishy and soft. Unlike other squishy toys, they aren’t filled with a bunch of gel or beads - so you won’t have a mess on your hands if your gift recipient breaks a pony.

Price: For around $11, you can make a little girl very happy this Christmas.

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