My First Sewing Kit

Best Gift for an 8-Year Old Girl

Why people love it
  • Excellent starter kit for beginners
  • Fun way for family members to bond
  • Easy to use

Several folks complain the scissors are awful, but we aren’t surprised. They’re child-friendly scissors, so they’re not going to be as sharp as adult scissors.


Why she’s gotta have it: Now that she’s 8, she probably has the attention span required to complete quick, easy crafts. Sewing is an important skill that will benefit her later in life, and this cute kit makes it fun. We’re excited about the kit’s convenient handle and lid because it means a junior crafter can take her supplies on road trips or rides to Grandma’s house.

Price: Craft supplies generally aren’t cheap, so we’re okay with the suggested $35 price tag. Plus, Amazon usually carries the kit for about half that price.

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