MSR Pocket Rocket Backpacking 2 Stove

Best Valentine's Gift for Campers

Why people love it
  • Turns any fuel canister into an instant stove
  • Makes it easy to prepare delicious campside meals/boil water
  • Fits in any hiking or camping backpack

Lightweight, very useful, user-friendly design, perfect for cooking on the go, adjustable, and comes with wind shield.

Multiple users complained of receiving a "knockoff" product.


Details: This little "stove" attachment will make it easy for you to cook or boil while out in nature. It's designed to screw into any fuel canister, turning it into an instant stove—complete with a solid base for the cookpot. With no need to prime or pressurize, it's a beautiful piece of camping equipment to have on hand.

It can boil a liter of water in 3 ½ minutes, or you can use the glove-friendly handle to turn the fire to a low simmer. The tri-sectional wind shield will stop the wind from blowing out your flame. It's a highly efficient piece of gear that's lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you go.

Price: The "stove" will run you $35, which can be a bit pricey considering you'll still have to buy the fuel canisters. However, it's the perfect way to "rough it" while still having a few modern conveniences.

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