Mr Natty’s Clay Hair Preparation

Best Medium Hold Hair Clay for Men

Why people love it
  • Amazingly natural, matte finish
  • Good hold
  • Delicious smell

The long-lasting medium hold of this product works wonders for short to medium-length styles and does it without any shine or flakes. It’s also easy to wash out.

The hold just doesn’t cut it for some folks, but hey, it is a medium hold.


Sadly, the folks at Mr Natty’s have chosen to add a vanilla scent to this medium hold hair clay. We’re not sure why they did that. But, apart from the parabens, that’s about the only drawback we can find for this particular product.

And, when the negatives are so negotiable and easy to get out of the way quickly, you should know you’re in for a good ride. Truly, this hair clay does an amazing job – as long as you don’t want anything more than a medium hold.

Its texture is a little different than many clays, and you could compare its performance to American Crew’s Fiber, but without the shine. And, it’s truly shine-free. Your hair may never look more natural than it will with this product. But, it won’t look dry and it won’t give you away with flakes that you might find from other styling products. Perhaps that’s because a tiny amount goes such a long way.

Strangely, it’s often recommended for guys with fine or thinning hair, but there are plenty of men with thick, coarse hair that can’t get enough of this product. Perhaps it’s the all day hold. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can wash it out without any effort at all.

The price isn’t as high as other products (though we wouldn’t put it in the cheap pile either). So really, the only reason we can’t make this our favorite clay is that vanilla fragrance. Why did they do that?

Hold: It may be marketed as a strong hold, but it is very definitely medium, making it a good choice for shorter cuts, whether your hair is thick or thin.

Texture: This is a rather thick, but soft clay. It’s close to what you would expect when you turn to a clay styling product in the first place.

Application: This might just be one of the easiest hair clays to apply as it works in smoothly and disappears completely without a lot of effort on your part. It’s non-greasy and wipes off your hands easily.

Duration: You can expect this to last all day. Really, even though it’s only a medium hold, it will last from sun up to sun down (and even longer if you need it – though it won’t last for days and days).

Washing ease: This is on the easier side and perhaps one of the easiest to get out of your hair. You might be able to get by with just a hot rinse, but we strongly suggest washing it out with shampoo.

Scent: Argh. We have no idea why this smells so sweet; it’s a little like vanilla. And, we think that’s a fragrance better reserved for the products women buy at the Body Shop. Still, it seems that a lot of men just don’t mind it.

Key ingredients: The clay in this product is Kaolin, not Bentonite which may trip some users up. There’s also a fair amount of wax in the mix, which explains the long lasting hold. Sadly, there’s also alcohol and parabens. Some users may be a little disappointed with that.

Size: You’ll find this 3.38 ounce container to be one of the larger hair clay containers on the market.

Price: The $20 price tag is offset by the larger container making this one of the more reasonable clays at less than $6 per ounce.

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