Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo

Best Smart Coffee Maker for Your Office

Why people love it
  • Allows you to set up a precise weekly coffee schedule
  • Delivers a proper brew exactly when you want it
  • Perfect for the tech-challenged



Not integrated with home automation systems, and it lacks precision controls.


Operation: If you're looking for a coffee maker that will produce a high quality brew every time, you'll love this Mr. Coffee machine. It may lack the versatility or customization options of the other machines on this list, but it delivers the same type of coffee all day every day.

The machine is designed to be run on WeMo, but you can download a program to make it compatible with Echo and Alexa. However, you can't integrate it with your Z-wave or other home automation systems.

Be warned: this won't make full-strength coffee! The machine produces your typical Americano-style brew, and there's no way to change it to an espresso, cappuccino, or even a stronger blend. However, for people who just need a regular cup of coffee at work, it does the job.

Features: The machine comes with a daily timer and weekly drink schedule (set the timer according to the day of the week). You'll find it brews the full 10-cup pot of coffee in just 7 minutes. For those who drink a lot of coffee throughout the day, the vacuum-insulated carafe will keep the brew warm for hours. You can make yourself a big pot in the morning and drink it all day long without having to re-heat it.

Price: At $80, this is the cheapest smart coffee maker on the list. It's ideal for office managers or telecommuters who just want a simple cup of coffee without having to fiddle with all the high-tech features of more advanced smart coffee makers.


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