Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Working Moms

Why people love it

  • Keeps coffee drinkably warm or hot 
  • Works well 
  • Great for the office 

This 17-watt mug warmer keeps beverages warm, features an on/off switch, and has a long cord.

Sadly, there’s no auto-shutoff and you may want to use a lid with this to keep beverages from evaporating. 


There are plenty of moms that need their coffee to get through the day. And, yet, with such busy lives, coffee tends to get cold too quickly. This handy little mug warmer is here to save the day. And, because they’re just so affordable, you may want to get one for home too – you know, for the Keurig users that can’t top-off their coffee from the pot.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

If mom isn’t a coffee (or tea… or hot chocolate) drinker, perhaps it’s time for this gorgeous Stanley Flexible Leather Phone Stand ($50). It comes in four different colors and keeps phones at just the right angle to check messages discreetly. Score!

And, there’s always this Foot Massage Roller which will help relieve aching feet when she gets home from a long day on hers. It’ll save you from the endless foot massages – and her from the pain! And, you should get it for less than $20. That’s a great buy!

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