Why people love it
  • Incredibly easy home brewing system; perfect for beginners
  • Provided ingredients make two delicious batches of beer
  • Great "starter kit" to learn how to DIY beer

Seal isn't fully airtight; fermenter isn't dishwasher safe.


Details: For a guy who loves his beer, this is a gift that will keep on giving!

This home brewing kit comes with a 2-gallon fermenter and 11 plastic bottles and caps to bottle your beer. The wide opening of the fermenter makes it easy to clean, though sadly you can't put it into the dishwasher.

The keg isn't so big that you have to wait forever for the beer to ferment, but it produces two gallons of beer at a time. The two refills that come with the kit have a packet of dry ale yeast and a packet of no-rinse cleanser to clean your tools and bottles. Best of all, there's a DVD with step by step instructions on how to brew your first batch of tasty beer.

Price: $50 for 4 gallons of home-brewed beer? Do the math, and you end up saving money on his Christmas gift. Plus, it's a great way for him to try something new and DIY his own beer!

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