Mpow Jaws V4.1

Best Headphones for Hands-Free Driving

Why people love it
  • The wireless earbuds that provide convenience and ease of use
  • Highly responsive sound; good build quality and sound output
  • Better-than-average battery life and overall performance

Not water-resistant, and larger and heavier than other earbuds.


Design: This pair of earbuds comes with the added design of the neckband, which allows the manufacturer to include a larger battery (ergo more battery life) and more controls. The neckband keeps the earbuds sitting comfortably on your head while you listen, and you can simply place the earbuds in your ear when you want to listen. It's one of the most innovative designs—mixing the comfort of behind-the-neck headphones with the versatility of earbuds.

Of course, the fact that there's a large, bulky neck band makes it much less compact/heavier than your classic earbuds.  

Performance: In terms of sound quality, these perform about as well as any of the other earbuds on our list. The headphones produce the best sound of any neck band-style earbuds, but the sound isn't on par with studio-quality headphones or earbuds.

However, you get longer-than-average battery life from these bad boys: 13 hours of continuous use and 350 hours on standby. The charge time is just under 2 hours, and sadly you can't use them while charging. The Bluetooth compatibility is excellent, and it's one of the easiest sets of headphones to pair with any Bluetooth device.

Features: The main feature of these headphones is their around-the-neck band, which keeps them sitting comfortably in place while you run, drive, walk, or work out. The headphones are sweat-proof, though not water-resistant. And, thanks to the built-in controls, you can make and take calls hands-free. When the earbuds aren't in use, you can clip them to the magnet for easy, comfortable storage.

Price: At $20, these are a total steal! They deliver comfort, quality, and convenience in a user-friendly design, and at a price tag you can love.

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