Mpow Jaws Headphones

Best Christmas Gift for Dads that do a lot of Driving

Why people love it
  • Wireless earbuds that provide convenience and ease of use
  • Highly responsive sound; good build quality and sound output
  • Better-than-average battery life and overall performance

Convenient earbud storage included, noise canceling design, easy Bluetooth pairing, dynamic sound, flexible, lightweight, comfortable, long battery life, hands-free calling, sweat-proof, and very convenient design.

Not water-resistant, and larger and heavier than other earbuds.


Why he needs it: This pair of earbuds comes with the added design of the neckband, which allows the manufacturer to include a larger battery (ergo more battery life) and more controls. Plus, the neckband keeps the earbuds sitting comfortably on his head while he drives or listens to music

In terms of sound quality, these produce the best sound of any neck band-style earbuds, but the sound isn't on par with studio-quality headphones or earbuds. However, he'll get longer-than-average battery life from these bad boys: 13 hours of continuous use and 350 hours on standby. The Bluetooth compatibility is excellent, and it's one of the easiest sets of headphones to pair with any Bluetooth device.

Price: At $20, these are a total steal! They deliver comfort, quality, and convenience in a user-friendly design, and at a price tag he'll love.

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