Why people love it
  • 180-degree rotating grip makes for excellent photos
  • Ideal for taking individual and group selfies
  • Buttons are responsive and function beautifully

Adjustable head for excellent versatility, good stick length, grips phone securely, uber-cheap, built for group selfies, reliable, and built solid.

Not compatible with iPhone 6 Plus or larger Galaxy models.


Performance: This selfie monopod is designed for wide-angle shots, which is why it has a 40-inch arm and a phone grip that can swivel up to 180 degrees. Talk about versatility for your wide group shots! You'll find the design makes it very easy to get all your friends into the camera frame.

Despite the fact that it's inexpensive, it doesn't feel cheap. The build quality is solid, and it will feel comfortable and durable in your hand. The telescoping arm doesn’t feel like it will collapse on you, but it will handle any regular sized (even many over-sized) phones with ease. In fact, the stick is water-resistant, so you can use it outdoors in all but the harshest conditions.

Features: The built-in controls on this selfie stick are one of the major "pros". Users love how it feels so responsive, almost like taking a photo with the phone itself. It's easy to connect the Bluetooth to the phone, and the on/off switch reduced the wear and tear on the selfie stick button. The charging port is easily accessible, and you can even keep using the stick as it's charging.

The stick comes with two adjustable holders—one for smaller and one for larger phones. The orange rubber grip will provide padding to reduce the risk of scratches or damage to your phone. The built-in LED light will let you know when your camera is connected and ready to snap pictures!

Price: At $5, this is the cheapest selfie stick on the list. But in this case, low price doesn't mean low quality. You get a reliable, durable selfie stick that is ideal for taking wide-angle shots and group shots.

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