Mpow iSnap Pro 2-in-1 Monopod
  • Can maximally extend to 3.4'
  • 180-degree adjustable head
  • Compatible with most Android and IOS Smartphones

This is one of the top-selling selfie sticks on Amazon, and one of the most inexpensive too. Especially considering the fact that it features Bluetooth pairing.

Not compatible with all smartphones.


The stick extends to 40" long, and it's easy to snap a picture thanks to the button built into the handle. It's compatible with most iOS and Android phones, and its easily connected via Bluetooth.

What Reviewers Say:

  • The remote paired very quickly with my iPhone; I simply turned it on, pressed the pairing button at the back, and found it on my iPhone. It took me about 10 seconds total for initial setup. After that, pairing with my iPhone was instant, as the iSnap will remember your last paired device. To pair a new device, simply press the pair button again. Note: it will only remember your last paired device. A micro-USB port was located at the bottom of the selfie stick, which I have not had to use due to the impressive battery life of the unit.
  • I received this item from MPOW for an unbiased review, and I must say - when I first opened it, I was wondering when in the world I would ever use such a device. You might be asking yourself the same thing, but I've discovered the practical uses for this thing will be endless, especially when it gets nicer here in Michigan and I can get back to my outdoor sports. I'd have to say, if you're frequently taking photos with your phone, this will be the best 20$ you've ever spent on phone accessories.
  • The iSnap Pro was very fast in connecting to Bluetooth, understandably due to use of Bluetooth 3.0 profile. It is also very responsive to photo and video capture. I tied it to my Nexus 5, with both photo and video mode, and am quite happy with it.

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