Why people love it
  • Game changes every time you play it
  • Perfect for people who love movie trivia
  • Fun and addictive

Movie nerds are going to love this game. Simple in structure, but versatile in outcome, this game changes based on who plays (the novice movie watcher vs. the movie nerd) and the players’ particular knowledge of film.

Probably not the best gift for non-movie lovers since it’s open-ended (you make up the questions based on your own movie knowledge).


Longevity: Since the game changes with every time you play it and it doesn’t depend on timely reference, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser now and in the future.

Meaningfulness: If you read the reviews of this game on Amazon, you’ll understand why this is a movie nerd’s dream come true.

Price: May seem a little expensive for a 160-card set, but the movie nerd in your life is sure to make really good use of this.

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