Best romantic gift for her

Why people love it
  • Simple and stylish
  • Birthstone options give a personal touch
  • Made in the USA

A one-of-a-kind necklace that will make for a unique and thoughtful gift for the one you love. 

This necklace is final sale so if she doesn't like it, you can't return it. 


Why she'll love it: Simple yet thoughtful, the Morse Code necklace from San Francisco-based artist Julia Szendrei is perfect for showing her how much you love her. The gemstones are spaced with 14K Gold beads to spell "Love" in Morse Code, while the delicate gold chain completes the look. Additionally, the chain is adjustable so she can find the perfect length. While our favorite is the turquoise, this necklace also comes in rose quartz, ruby, emerald, citrine, and aquamarine. 

Price: For $40, this is a great gift. Not only is it thoughtful, but it will remind her how much you love her everytime she wears it. And you can't put a price on that. 


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