At Faveable, we love our fitness trackers. Fitbit is arguably our fave in this category, and you can read about it here. Today, however, we’re looking at Moov, a new breed of fitness tracking technology.


Moov is not so much a fitness tracker as a wearable coach. The device, about the size of a wristwatch, offers real time insights and feedback while you exercise in order to improve not only the quality of your workout, but also to improve the way you exercise.

“To make this a reality, we had to start by creating a device that was insanely accurate at tracking movements in a 3D environment,” said Cynthia Houlton, a Moov spokesperson. “We actually use the same technology in Moov as the military uses to direct strategic missiles.”

Yep, strategic missiles. The device uses three such sensors to form a 9 axis motion sensing environment. The upshot? The device can reconstruct your exact movements down to a fraction of an inch and provide analytics to improve performance and prevent injury.

But that’s just the hardware - it’s the apps that make Moov so incredibly interesting. They feature a form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create a wearable coach.

The virtual coach is tough and data driven. Coach Moov analyzes your movements in real time and provides actionable audio and visual feedback. Tips range from how to keep your pace up to perfecting your stride length. If you crush a level, the coach will level you up until you are challenged. Form monitoring allows the coach to make sure you are pushed to your physical limit while avoiding injury.

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