Diesel has long been known as a design driven company; some people think of it as the Apple of the speaker market. In our testing, we found the VEKTR headphones delivered a crisp, solid sound - some of the best highs, mids, and bass in this roundup. There was absolutely no distortion, even on the high ranges.


We found the on-ear cushions to be extremely comfortable even on extended listening sessions. The cushions also effectively block external noise; great for listening but hard on relationship, especially when your wife or girlfriend is trying to reach you.

What's in the box:

    •    Ultra Performance Folding Headphone
    •    Co-developed by Italian fashion designer, Diesel and Monster R&D, Diesel Vektr is a compelling style-setter, with a look as thrilling as its sound.
    •    High-Def Cable
    •    Unique triangular cable lines keep your cable safe and tangle-free no matter how fast you move through life.
    •    Touring Case
    •    The specially designed case provides great-looking, secure protection for your ear gear while you're on the go.
    •    Cleaning Cloth
    •    This patented Monster Cleaning Clothing with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield actually kills the germs that cause and flu, while keeping your Diesel Vektr dazzling.
    •    ControlTalk Universal
    •    Hands free control of your music player and phone calls.

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