The best possible blend of quality, length and user reviews, the 6-foot Monoprice 6105 HDMI cable should always be your number one choice.

  • Low price
  • Quality materials
  • High speed

If you ask around the web, and around your local tech shop, you will probably end up looking at the Monoprice 6105 HDMI cable. A well-rounded product, this HDMI cable will do the thinking for you. It's built out of the finest materials which reduces noise, blocks unwanted high frequencies and can hold the signal over extended lengths.

What the reviewers say:

  • My HDMI cable makes my 40' Samsung sing!! The High Definition is Higher than anything Webster’s Dictionary could ever come up with! The price was right, the shipment speed was unbelievable and my Samsung and I are just as happy as if we were both in our right minds!!
  • This is an awesome HDMI cable. It’s a few dollars more than the other bargain HDMI cords sold on here, but it may be worth it. I don't notice any difference between this one and one I bought for cheaper when it comes picture quality, but this one has a better feel to it. It seems like it's twice as thick, even the plastic protective plugs it came with were thicker. Also this item was shipped to me in a padded shipping envelope and not just a thin plastic shipping envelope that the other ones came in. Would buy another one if I needed to.
  • Works fine and the price is very reasonable. I tend to believe that you get what you pay for up to a point. With a cable that transfers digital information, I honestly don't buy the hype about needing a cable that costs half as much as a television set. This cable meets the specs my equipment requires and I've had no problems at all. My cable is in the most benign environment imaginable and isn't routinely unplugged and reconnected (or even moved), so I expect its useful life to exceed my own - at these prices, what more could anyone ask?
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