This robot vacuum is a cost-effective option that handles both the vacuuming and mopping of your floors.

  • Mapping feature guided by camera; Also known as the "RoboVacMop"
  • Water tank reservoir
  • Longer lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

This is one of those mid-level robotic vacuums that you might just miss (thanks to the stronger competitors on the market). But you don't want to make your final vacuum choice without considering this one. It's got a couple of serious features that may just make it the best investment all year.

Sure, the brand isn't well known. And sure, the price tag will make you think it won't get the job done as well as higher priced models, but this is a powerful little machine. It vacuums, and it mops. That's bonus if you live in one of those fancy lofts with all wood, tile and concrete floors (or you have dogs). But it's also guided by a camera linked in with a mapping feature. The battery is solid, and you can wash the dust bin filter often before you have to replace it. We know that's a bit of a trade off when you have a robot that vacuums, but really, we know just how much you hate vacuuming too.

What Reviewers Say:

You might be surprised at the number of positive reviews from Amazon purchases:

  • This vacuum is amazing! The dust bin is a bit small, however I can overlook that for the amazing job it does in my house. I had no idea how much cat hair was in my carpet (that my pet vacuum missed). The mopping ability is also great. My wife and I love how clan our floors stay and the kids love watching it do it's thing. Definitely a great purchase.
  • It works really well for vacuuming, it does a great job if my cat doesn't get in the way and make it go in circles!
  • This was worth the money and our house is exponentially cleaner because of it. Who would've known we were living in such filth?! The good things we've found is that it covers all of it's cleaning area. It also tells you what it's doing. I thought the remote was going to be gimmicky, but it's one of the nicest things about it, ergo, no getting down on your hands and knees to turn it on. The manual says not to park it in close to any furniture, but we keep the docking station UNDER one of our furniture pieces, and it finds it way back home all the time, while staying unnoticed.

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