Mokoqi Ultra-Thin 45-Watt Indoor Grow Light

Best Eco-Friendly Indoor Grow Light

Why people love it
  • Simple setup
  • Low heat generation
  • Slim design

Many of the lights on our list are energy efficient, but this one is also made from eco-friendly materials. It has a sleek profile that makes it ideal for small spaces.

There isn’t an on-off switch, so you have to unplug the light when it’s not in use.


Color: There are 225 LED bulbs in 4 different colors on this Mokoqi grow light. It has the usual red and blue bulbs, plus white and orange ones. This is one of the only indoor grow lights we’ve found with orange bulbs - the other one is the Viparspectra.

Brightness: We’re psyched that this 45-watt indoor grow light burns brightly, but still boasts a light efficiency that’s 30% higher than similar grow lights from competitors. Users say it illuminates an entire room, so remember that if you’re planning to put this light in a bedroom or living room.

Features: Lightweight ABS material reflects light without getting too hot. Includes hooks and a buckle hang rope for easy installation.

Price: Compared to other indoor grow lights, this Mokoqi has an average price. Amazon lists its regular price as $111.99, but it’s currently less than $40.

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