Modern Curtain Haircuts for Men

Modern Curtain Haircuts for Men

Trends come and go, but most of the time, they repeat decades later. Just take a look at the curtain haircut, a strong middle part cut that every 90s icon sported. Channel your inner Leonardo di Caprio, Johnny Depp, or Kurt Cobain with the help of this list.

What's the bottom line?

From South Korea’s top leading man Gong Yoo to Oscar-nominated Timothée Chalamet, more and more celebrities are giving a modern twist to the curtain haircut. It’s low-maintenance, suitable to all face shapes, and easy to style. See the hype for yourself with a quick read of these highly-recommended trendy variations!

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14. 90's Curtains

90's Curtains Source

The ultimate throwback look is cutting your hair à la Westlife. The short bangs and trimmed sides lend a clean silhouette.

13. Boys' Curtain Haircut

Boys' Curtain Haircut Source

Draco Malfoy’s floppy platinum blonde hair is a school appropriate look that you can easily style for whatever occasion you have in mind.

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12. eBoy Haircut

eBoy Haircut Source

eBoys are this decade’s upgraded goths and emos from the late 90s to the 2000s. Look the part with extra-long bangs.

11. Fade Curtain Haircut

Fade Curtain Haircut Source

A classic fade works on any face shape, but a curtain cut parted down the middle evokes an old school charm.

10. Side Part Curtain

Side Part Curtain Source

Johnny Depp‘s iconic curtain hair is suave and swoon-worthy. Get similar results by finger-brushing your bangs to the side.

9. Middle Part Undercut

Middle Part Undercut Source

If you were a 90s kid, you probably copied Nick Carter’s style more often than you’d like to admit. Update your childhood cut with a fresh undercut.

8. Bleached Curtain Haircut

Bleached Curtain Haircut Source

If you’re looking for a sign to go blonde, this is it. Get Justine Timberlake’s iconic noodle hair without the dryness or damage with regular hair conditioning treatments.

7. Long and Curly Curtain Haircut

Long and Curly Curtain Haircut Source

It would be a pity to cut wavy curls short. Keep your tresses long and healthy with a great shampoo and hair growth oil.

6. Long and Messy Curtain Haircut

Long and Messy Curtain Haircut Source

Capture Keanu Reeves’ rockstar confidence back in the 90s with a devil-may-care tousled hairdo. Use hair wax to add texture.

5. Long and Straight Curtain Haircut

Long and Straight Curtain Haircut Source

It’s not only women that can have silky, straight hair. With proper hair care, you can now rock your mane with confidence.

4. Medium Length Wavy Curtain Haircut

Medium Length Wavy Curtain Haircut Source

Not planning on visiting the barber anytime soon? Try this look for a casual and low-maintenance hairdo.

3. Medium Length Curly Curtain Haircut

Medium Length Curly Curtain Haircut Source

Curls are a God-given accessory, so capitalize on your springy locks by keeping it long and hydrated. Add a fringe to accentuate your eyes.

2. Short and Wavy Curtain Haircut

Short and Wavy Curtain Haircut Source

Side-swept bangs on an overgrown fade is the go-to look of most K-Pop stars. Don the hairdo by adding a bit of volume on your roots.

1. Short and Straight Curtain Haircut

Short and Straight Curtain Haircut Source

Nowadays, everyone has a fade. Go against the current and let your sides grow to achieve this simple yet charming hairstyle.

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Modern Curtain Haircuts for Men

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