Open nearly anything with this super handy multi-purpose opener. It'll open bottles as well as jars and it might just change your life.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Take the stress and effort out of your parental food preparing duties
  • Perfect for arthritis sufferers

Get ready to open nearly anything your kitchen can throw at you. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will also ensure your children can safely open cans and bottles. Now that's cool.

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  • This little gem is a perfect gift for just about any age, especially if you have arthritis and need to open something quick with little effort. It has the visual directions for each "tool" printed right on the side of the gadget. You don't need to "try" and save some little piece of paper printed in the smallest font in four languages that you need glasses to read. Which to me, is super! You can pop open cans, bottles and jars with this tool in seconds.
  • What an awesome invention! This must have kitchen gadget does it all. I especially love it for prying open tight food jar lids (no more relying on hubby!) and opening up soda cans (which saves my manicured nails!)
  • Great little kitchen gadget and just the right size, fits great in you hand, easy to store, easy to clean, and I love I have 5 tools in one, makes for an easy and quick job. Great quality as well so it will hold up for a while. Love love love!!

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