MJ Soffe Men's Running Short

Best Super Short Athletic Shorts

Why people love it
  • Best for anyone who wants to wear super-short shorts!
  • Not too tight, but just the right fit for most men
  • Incredibly comfortable and easy to use for any activity

VERY short and do not include a drawstrings.


Material: These shorts are made out of 100% nylon, a material that is beautifully lightweight and comfortable. The fabric is soft to the touch, and they'll keep you from sweating too heavily. Though they're not designed for moisture-wicking, the material dries quickly so you won't have to worry about sweat crystals on your skin.

Fit, Length, and Features: The fit is VERY short—just 2.25 inches for the inseam. For some men, this length is just too short and can be a bit uncomfortable (everything ends up flapping in the breeze). However, for men who have trained using only short shorts, they're the perfect length. The fit is medium, neither too tight nor too baggy or loose.

The shorts come with a single pocket sized for a single key, but there are no additional pockets for your phone, ID, or other cards. (What else are you expecting from shorts so short?) Some men dislike the lack of drawstring, but the elastic waistband is tight enough that the shorts will stay firmly in place as you run.

Quality: The material is decent quality—not the most durable shorts on the market, but they won't wear out too quickly. Machine-washing them keeps the nylon and elastic waistband from being damaged by exposure to excessive sunlight.

Price: At less than $10 per pair, how could you possibly complain? The shorts offer comfort, freedom of movement, and a lightweight design perfect for guys who need very short shorts!

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