Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe

Best CrossFit Shoes for Runners

Why people love it

• Great for lateral movements/jump training

• Comfortable when running or resistance training

• Good cushioning; designed to reduce impact



Noisy on hard floors.


Performance: For CrossTraining women, these are the dream shoes. The shoes are built with a wave-shaped plate down the midsole that helps to cushion impact, protecting your forefoot. You'll find these shoes are highly stable and supportive, making them perfect for jump training, CrossFit, and other high-impact activities.

The shoes come with solid cushioning, but not so thick or inflexible that it reduces versatility. The shoes are great for lateral movements, jumps, and running. The design of the forefoot encourages a more natural stride and adds a bit of spring into your toe-off.

Features: The upper is made with a synthetic mesh that is breathable and lightweight, yet offers good grip on your feet. The shoes fit just right, with a toe box that isn't too narrow or wide. You'll love the padded sock liner, which has added padding to reduce impact and increase resiliency.

The shoes have good arch and heel support, with a stable forefoot base that allows you to make quick direction changes. Some users complain that the elastic in the laces reduces grip, but the shoes have a snug enough fit that you won't need to worry about your feet sliding around.

Price: Starting at $51, these shoes tend toward the pricier side of the scale. However, the construction is durable—from the synthetic upper to the rubber outsole, everything is built to last. All in all, a great investment if you're a cross-trainer and runner!


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